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As we have 4.66 billion (DataReportal, 2021) people online every day using the internet in some way or the other, being a marketer it becomes our main priority to connect with them and take leverage of it. And there is no doubt that today marketers are dependent on digital marketing tools to survive in the cutthroat competition. And most of the digital marketing tools are so expensive that it gets impossible to use them with the tight marketing budgets we have.

And hence, one of the most common questions people ask me is, What are the Best Free Digital Marketing tools I can use for my business?” So I decided to write an article that will hopefully answer that question and to share with you some of my favorite tracks.

Digital marketing tools contain many components such as Analytics, SEO, e-mail marketing, content creation, etc. Here is my list of top 11 free digital marketing tools and their alternatives that can help you to improve your marketing from good to great without putting any extra money into expensive tools. 

List Of Top 11 Free Digital Marketing Tools

1. Google My Business

Have you ever searched for any business/ brand on Google Search Engine and find a detailed information block on the Right Hand Side of the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP)? That is called Google My Business (GMB) Profile.

Image Source: Google India

GMB allows you to engage with customers on Google for free.  It’s not just a business listing, you get more than that. Your free Google Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.

In GMB, you can post photos and offers to your profile to show what makes your business different, and give customers reasons to choose you every time they find your listing.

Alternative free digital marketing tool: Bing Places for Business

2. Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a free digital marketing tool created by Facebook that marketers and content creators allow them to manage Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts in one place.  It simplifies publishing content and analyzing performance across accounts on both platforms by bringing all the necessary tools like analytics, post scheduling, and community management on one dashboard.

Image Source: Google Images

My favorite functionality in Creators Studio is Scheduling. No more dependency on those paid tools available in the market to schedule your posts. There’s also an Android version available on the Google Play Store and an iOS App Store that allows you to handle the operations from your smartphones.

3. Buffer

One of the best time-saving methods for social media marketing is scheduling the posts for your social media accounts. You can create a social media calendar, create the posts (creative and copy) and simply schedule them for the next day or next week, or next month.

Image Credit: Buffer

The Free plan (0$) at Buffer allows you to use up to 3 channels (for example you can connect one Facebook account, one Instagram account, and one Twitter handle, etc. ) and you can schedule a maximum of 10 posts for each network.

As we already knew about Facebook Creator Studio, you can use Buffer for other social media channels. This is how a smart marketer should think.

Alternative free digital marketing tool: Hootsuite

4. Canva

Now you know how to schedule posts on Social Media Channels, right? Let’s explore a free digital marketing tool to create visually appealing creatives.

Image Credit: Canva

Canva is an online designing software where you can easily create professional and engaging designs with the help of thousands of ready-made templates. You can create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content effortlessly. You don’t need to have any prior designing knowledge to use this application. (Also you don’t need to rely on Graphic Designers for some quick work)

Canva is a freemium platform that means it has free as well as paid versions available. The paid version is called Canva Pro and there is an Enterprise subscription available for additional functionality.

Alternative free digital marketing tool: Picmonkey

5. Answer the Public

Till this, you have explored tools to create and schedule posts for your social media channels. Now the question is what to post, right? Not only on social media but also in the blog section of your website. To solve this question, we got a free tool named Answerthepublic.

Image Credit: Answer the Public

Answerthepublic tool will help you to discover what people are asking about your niche. You just have to put the topic/ brand or product, select the country, select the language, and hit the search button.  You will get the results in the form of questions. Prepositions, comparisons, and even alphabetical. You can download the topics in CSV format. And guess what? You don’t even need to log in to use this tool.

Alternative free digital marketing tool: Buzzsumo

6. Grammarly

When the time to write the content for a copy(text) for social media posts and the blogs on your websites. without any grammatical errors come, Grammarly is the best free tool on which you can trust.

Image Source: Grammarly Tool

Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant that runs through correctness (w.r.t. grammar, spelling, and punctuation marks), clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes. This tool uses Artificial Intelligence to identify and search for the best replacement for the mistake it detects.

You can use Grammarly via its browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Also, they have desktop and mobile applications.

Alternative free digital marketing tool: PowerWritingAid, Ginger

7. Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO tools

Plagiarism is the exercise of taking someone else’s work or ideas and publishing them off as one’s own without giving credit. You can be penalized for the act of plagiarism.

Even though you’ve written your content from scratch, it can still not be considered original as it could match up with someone else’s content which was published earlier. Hence it is a must task to check the content for plagiarism before publishing it on the web.

And for checking the plagiarism Small SEO Tool’s Plagiarism Checker is the most

Image Source: Small SEO tools

There are a handful of plagiarisms checking tools available online but, my personal favorite is Small SEO Tool’s Plagiarism Checker.

It gives you sentence-wise results and you can even compare the plagiarised detected portion from your writings with the source. By the way, they also have a sentence rephrasing tool that can help you to rephrase the portion to achieve a 100% plagiarism-free content state.

Alternative free digital marketing tool: new york essay’s Essay Checker

8. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best platform for almost all marketers, because it’s free, overflowing with features, and comes with the authority of the Google brand name. If you have a website then it’s a must integrate it with Google Analytics. So once you build your website don’t forget to connect it to GA.

Image Source: Google Analytics

After you plugged the Google Analytics code into your website’s HTML code, you can track your audience with measures like new users, sessions, page views, average session duration, bounce rate, etc. Also, you can generate different types of reports based on your business requirements.

Alternative free digital marketing tool: Similar Web


Live chat is highly competent in providing solutions to the queries your visitors have when they visit your website. When website visitors get a response to their inquiry in real-time, they are far more likely to engage with your business and can get converted into consumers.

Image Source:

If you want to add Live Chat to your website 100% Free then “” is the best option you got. With this super awesome tool you can monitor and chat with the visitors on your website, within your mobile app(available both for android and apple smartphones), or from a free customizable dashboard.

It takes only one minute to integrate it with your website. You just need to copy a single line of JavaScript code to the HTML code of your website and the chat widget starts working on the next minute. There are lots of features that you will get once you logged in to the dashboard.

Alternative free digital marketing tool freechat

10. Mailchimp

When it comes to email marketing first name which comes to the mind of the marketer and in the SERP as well is Mail chimp. It is one of the most prominent email marketing tools in the world.

Image Source: Mailchimp

It is easy to activate, gives detailed analytics, and the best part it is free.  You can send emails to custom or targeted audiences and also re-engage existing users.  Mailchimp is one of the top email marketing tools out there in the market.

The forever free plan is free every month for 2000 subscribers and you can send up to 12,000 emails.

Alternative free digital marketing tool: SendinBlue

11. Google Search Console

If your business has a website then you must have to study some metrics to analyze whether it is doing work as per your business requirement or not. And to do so there is no user-friendly tool exists like Google Search Console.

 Google Search Console helps you to measure your website’s search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site glow in Google SERP. You can use it to analyze important optimization data like clicks, impressions, average position, average Click Through Rate, and much more. One of the best tools in the search console is the URL Inspection tool which provides detailed crawl, index, and serving information about your webpages, directly from the Google index.

Image Source: Google Search Console

You will receive email alerts when Google identifies issues on your website. You can observe which URLs are concerned by these issues and tell Google when you’ve fixed them.

It is a free tool and only shows you the top thousand backlinks and thousand organic keywords.

Alternative free digital marketing tool: Binge Webmaster Tool

That’s it for now!

Which of your favorite tools did I miss in this list?

Do you have any new arrivals that might be worth trying and I must include them here? Or should I write another blog with a more advanced tools list that can have a mixture of Free and Paid Tools lists?

I’d love to hear from you about the free tools you have found interesting and how it is suitable for your business or clients.  Feel free to add any views at all in the comments section. I’m looking forward to having a conversation with you.